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The dazzling Pampanga.

Pretty sights and radiant places filled with opportunities - this is Pampanga!

With a thriving economy, Pampanga appeals to people looking to buy a property or finding a place they can settle in. Several establishments such as malls, amusement parks and business hubs are abundant here as Pampanga is one of the country’s booming locations outside Metro Manila for business, lifestyle and real estate.

Embrace the new day as you take residence at Montana Views in Pampanga!

Although Montana Views is technically in a rural area, it does not mean that you will be living far from modern amenities and creature comforts. Do keep in mind that Pampanga is quickly becoming an economic powerhouse that will soon rival other metropolitan cities, so there are quite a lot of modern government facilities and commercial establishments. For instance, if you are worried about not having easy access to hospitals and other medical facilities, you can rest your mind when you live in Montana Views.

Fifteen minutes away, along the Olongapo-Gapan road, is the Blue Cross medical center where you can get yourself or your family checked for ailments and other diseases. Further down the road, hang a right on the Manila North Road and you will reach San Fernandino Hospital, for when you need urgent medical care, or if your illness is already a bit too advanced for regular clinics to handle. There are also quite a few specialty clinics (dentists, dermatologists, etc.) dotting the immediate vicinity.

When it comes to educational systems, rest assured that there are quite a few schools and universities in the area so you do not have to worry about your children’s education. Holy Angel University, which is one of Pampanga’s premiere higher learning institutions, is just thirty minutes away by car. You will also find New Era University Pampanga within twenty minutes. There are also dozens of other private and public schools along McArthur Highway that are just twenty to thirty minutes away from the main gate of Montana Views. On the other hand, if your college aged children want something more in terms of education, they can take a bus plying down McArthur Highway and they will reach Our Lady of Fatima University in Valenzuela. A bit further down in the neighboring city of Caloocan, they will also find the University of the East Caloocan Campus.

If you are a shopaholic, you do not have to worry about withdrawal symptoms, especially since SM City Pampanga and Robinson’s Mall Pampanga are just fifteen minutes away in the Gapan-Olongapo junction. Between those two large malls, you will not be left wanting in terms of shopping choices. However, in case you want even more shopping destinations, you can hop onto the provincial bus headed for Quezon City and you will reach SM North EDSA in under an hour.

Speaking of public transportation, you need not worry about getting cut off from the rest of modern society when you choose to live in Montana Views. As mentioned earlier, you can reach Quezon City within an hour by bus traveling through the North Luzon Expressway, and by then you can reach the central business districts within just minutes. However, since Pampanga itself is experiencing rapid economic growth these past couple of years, you might not even need to leave the provincial boundaries while searching for meaningful work.

If you do not have a car, you can still get around the area pretty easily. You can also find plenty of tricycles that will allow you to access even the remotest corners of the town. In addition, there are the jeepneys and buses that ply the major roads. All of these modes of public transportation are easily accessible from the main gate of Montana Views and are all available 24 hours a day.

Near Major Roads :

  • Calulut-Panipuan Road
  • Centro-Bulaon Road
  • About 1.5 kms from Mexico Toll Plaza

Near Commercial District :

  • 15 mins. Drive to commercial nodes of Calulut and Sindalan
  • 30 mins. Drive to Mc Arthur Hway (major thoroughfare)

Near Schools :

  • 30 mins. Drive to Holy Angel University
  • 20 mins. Drive to New Era University

Near Places of Work :

  • Walking distance to Mexico Industrial Complex
  • 30 mins. Drive to Mc Arthur Hway where major establishments are located
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